[thumbnail of IMG_0860.JPG]"IMG_0860.JPG" 1180827 bytes

It's raining.  That's Dave out there, somewhere.



[thumbnail of IMG_0862.JPG]"IMG_0862.JPG" 1249624 bytes

Just finished my third and final leg.  No, I'm not running in this picture - finished!



[thumbnail of IMG_0863.JPG]"IMG_0863.JPG" 1822574 bytes

John, waiting for Denis.  A lot of vans were late to this transition point, but not us!



[thumbnail of IMG_0864.JPG]"IMG_0864.JPG" 1844876 bytes




[thumbnail of IMG_0865.JPG]"IMG_0865.JPG" 1735926 bytes

Denis cruises to the finish, makes 4 miles look easy!



[thumbnail of IMG_0866.JPG]"IMG_0866.JPG" 1674423 bytes

John takes off, Denis pulls over.


[thumbnail of IMG_0868.JPG]"IMG_0868.JPG" 1294878 bytes

At the finish line, Nathan in white, the team coming in behind him!



[thumbnail of IMG_0869.JPG]"IMG_0869.JPG" 1297302 bytes

Nathan, with Andy giving chase.  Nathan is under orders to slow down so everybody can

cross together.  Two years ago, Andy, running a fourth leg, and powered by twinkies,

came across so fast that nobody could catch him!



[thumbnail of IMG_0870.JPG]"IMG_0870.JPG" 1309025 bytes




[thumbnail of IMG_0871.JPG]"IMG_0871.JPG" 1297036 bytes

Captain Carol!



[thumbnail of IMG_0872.JPG]"IMG_0872.JPG" 1217986 bytes

Adrien, Dane behind him in boots, John, then Dave.



[thumbnail of IMG_0873.JPG]"IMG_0873.JPG" 1012035 bytes

Nathan, giving us his approval of three legs with no support.


[thumbnail of IMG_0874.JPG]"IMG_0874.JPG" 991764 bytes

Nathan begins the ceremonial cartwheel.



[thumbnail of IMG_0875.JPG]"IMG_0875.JPG" 1268970 bytes

The beach!  Denis and Jason actually made it all the way!  They discovered that the

water is pretty cold.  I could have told them that..


[thumbnail of IMG_0876.JPG]"IMG_0876.JPG" 1182840 bytes

Denis, giving the thumbs up!  Or the finger.  Hard to see in this picture..




And this next picture, here's what happens when you hand a camera to what was apparently a door slamming moron:

Yup.  You guessed it - the picture of the team on the beach wasn't taken.  Hopefully Dane got one..


Oh, and I know Dave, you don't have to say it - it's all my fault!




[thumbnail of P9150018.JPG]"P9150018.JPG" 1680681 bytes

Not to worry, the one from Danes camera came out fine!




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